It’s Race Week!

Well, the buildup is over and the hay is in the barn, as they say. Worlds End 100K is just six days from now and there’s not much I can do about it.

I started training 15 weeks ago. I’ve put in 811 miles (plus a few more in the next six days) as part of this training block, so I feel like there’s not much more I could’ve done. That’s significantly more mileage than I’ve done in training in the past, and I didn’t suffer even the slightest injury. I did battle fatigue at times, but that’s to be expected.

I’m not going to kid you – I’m nervous and even a slight bit scared. Not scared in the sense of being worried about my well-being. Just scared of the unknown. What will it be like after mile 50, which is farther than I’ve ever run? Am I mentally prepared to spend all day (literally) running in the woods? Do I have my gear figured out for 63.8 miles?

The last question is the only one I might be able to find an answer to in the next six days. The other two (plus countless others running through my head) will only be answered on race day. Hopefully I’ll like the answers.

Until then, I’ll battle the taper crazies, eat like there’s no tomorrow and prep my camping and race gear. Oh, and check the forecast for Saturday about 1,487 times per day.

What I’m Reading

  • Yes, I read the insulting clickbait article about trail runners on a popular website last week. No, I won’t link to it here because the last thing I’m going to do is promote it. I’ve unfollowed the publication’s social media and unsubscribed from its mailing lists. In today’s word where our nation is more divided than ever, the last thing we need is the spread of attitudes that only puts us at odds with each other.
  • I’ve written a lot about sleep and rest in the past. WIRED has an interesting article about the affects of not getting enough sleep. (For the ladies out there who read this, I get a minimum of seven hours of sleep every night. Just sayin’.)
  • It’s Memorial Day weekend, and I think it’s important to remember exactly why most of us have a three-day weekend. The Wall Street Journal looks at the burden carried by Medal of Honor recipients.

What I’m Watching

A little look at what awaits this coming weekend …


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