Someone Save Me From Myself

I’m still on the mend from the sprained ankle and twisted knee at Worlds End nine days ago. Both are feeling much better than they did at this time last week, but there still some soreness in both and my ankle still has some swelling. It didn’t help that I was on my feet all this past weekend. My sister got married, so resting my ankle was not an option. But it felt good, at least mentally, to be on my feet and not worrying about my foot for a while.

I’m hoping to be able to jog a mile or two by the weekend. I’ll be three weeks from the Silver Rush 50 in Leadville, so if I’m still not able to get out and run in the next week or so, I may have to re-think those plans. I’m not worried about my fitness, but I am worried about setting myself up for re-injury or suffering a different injury if I’m protecting the ankle too much.

Either way, I’m going to the race. If I have to DNS, I’ll just volunteer to work an aid station or crew someone who needs an extra hand.

For now, I’ll continue to shove my foot into a Home Depot bucket filled with ice water each night until the swelling goes down enough to start regular rehab work. Hopefully the boredom won’t drive me insane before then.

What’ I’m Reading

  • Power hiking is the secret to success for a lot of elite trail runners, and it’s something every trail runner should work on. David Laney – he’s one of the best power hikers on the planet – has some tips for getting up those climbs quickly and efficiently without taxing yourself.
  • Ultra Running Magazine has the proper response to the offensive article about trail runners that was published by a different media outlet a couple weeks ago. Bravo!
  • Thinking about a long run on unfamiliar trails? You should probably carry a compass.Backpacker magazine shows us how to use a compass.
  • The Hardrock 100 has been canceled. Major bummer. But after the heavy snows and massive avalanches in the backcountry of Colorado this winter and spring, this decision has seemed inevitable for more than a month now. I wonder where the elites who were entered will turn for a replacement race?

What’ I’m Watching

My friend Amy completed her first ultra at the Worlds End 50K. Check out this kick-ass video her boyfriend Corey made at the race.


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