When Life Stands Still – My Experience At CCC

Since finishing CCC in late August, I’ve spent a considerable amount of time thinking about what the race meant to me. People often ask what it was like, yet I struggle to come up with something better than saying it was amazing or incredible or a once-in-a-lifetime experience. All those things are true, but it […]

My Never Summer 100K Adventure

It’s been almost two weeks since I finished the Never Summer 100K in Gould, Colo., on July 31, and I’m still struggling to put it into words. I’m constantly asked, “How was the race?” and the best I can respond with is that it was hard and beautiful. While both are true, those words fall […]

Is Halfway Better Than No Way?

Dealing with failure is never easy. Dealing with choosing to fail is even tougher. I know from experience. As you can probably tell, Saturday’s Worlds End 100K did not go my way. I officially dropped out after mile 27, although I had to run almost another four more miles to get back to my car, […]

How Hard Could It Be?

It’s hard to figure out exactly why, but for some reason I had convinced myself that running almost 40 miles wouldn’t be that hard. Train hard for three months, dial in my nutrition and hydration plan, then do it. Three easy steps, so what could go wrong? Turns out, this ultramarathon shit is hard. I […]

Denied At The Diamonds … And A Reset

I’ll cut right to the chase – I didn’t break an hour at the Run for the Diamonds on Thanksgiving. I ran 1:00:11, two seconds faster than my previous best, but 12 seconds shy of my goal of 59:59 or better. And ya know what? That’s OK with me. Typing this feels like making excuses […]

Sometimes You Just Never Know

It’s no secret that most of 2019 has been a frustrating year for me in terms of my running. I trained well all spring only to suffer a severely sprained ankle less than halfway into my goal 100K on June 1. That injury slowed me down, but thankfully didn’t stop me from completing the Silver […]

Silver Rush 50 – Well, That Was Something Else

I’ve spent a couple days trying to wrap my head around the Silver Rush 50. On one hand, it was undoubtedly the hardest thing I’ve ever done. On the other hand, I’m being cautious to not blow the whole experience out of proportion. It’s not like I ran 100 miles … or won the race […]

I Had My First DNF … And It Didn’t Suck

DISCLAIMER: This is the story of my first DNF. This is not a story about failure, heartbreak or disappointment. To have faith doesn’t mean you get any less frustrated when you don’t do your best, but you know that it’s not life and death. Take what you’re given, and when you continue to work hard, […]