The Devil On My Shoulder

At some point, I think we’ve probably all seen a cartoon where the main character must choose between good and bad, virtue and evil, smart and, well, not so smart. Quite often, those choices are depicted by an angel on one shoulder and a devil on the other. Which will our hero listen to? Surely, […]

My Never Summer 100K Adventure

It’s been almost two weeks since I finished the Never Summer 100K in Gould, Colo., on July 31, and I’m still struggling to put it into words. I’m constantly asked, “How was the race?” and the best I can respond with is that it was hard and beautiful. While both are true, those words fall […]

It’s Been A Week Of Sorts

The past two weeks have been an up-and-down experience, much like an ultramarathon. The disappointment of my DNF at the Worlds End 100K has faded away, thankfully. But that freedom from mild mental anguish was replaced by physical anguish in the form of a case of shingles. Yep, I had (still have?) shingles. It started […]

Is Halfway Better Than No Way?

Dealing with failure is never easy. Dealing with choosing to fail is even tougher. I know from experience. As you can probably tell, Saturday’s Worlds End 100K did not go my way. I officially dropped out after mile 27, although I had to run almost another four more miles to get back to my car, […]